Lospa IS Spinal System aims for the spinal fixation system which resembles human anatomy closely while maximizing the surgeon’s convenience and actively accepting the patient’s demand. With this goal in mind, researchers at Corentec Co., Ltd. have created the spinal fixation system, adapting a new design concept of ‘small but more commodious and strong like one’s own’

The design concept of Lospa IS is “Compromise”. There is a precisely manufactured saddle inside of the pedicle screw and rod; therefore, even though the screw and the rod; the rod and rod are not perfectly fitted, an excellent fixation can be achieved with the saddle sliding. This epochal design will assist in easy and safe spinal fusion for one and all.

The design concept of Lospa IS is “Intelligent Innovation”. Lospa IS is developed to solve the drawbacks of current spinal fixation systems, while considering the suitable spinal fixation system configuration for new generation. The surgeon can obtain a strong fixation without complications, avoiding the discomfort which the patient has after the usage of a high-pro le xation system.

Manufacturing Environment

The top-notch spinal fixation system at Corentec Co., Ltd. is manufactured by the specialized and long-term experienced experts from all over the world using the high-tech equipments and the highly regulated quality control system. The manufacturing facilities, newly established in 2005, include the most advanced manufacturing equipments: the environment-friendly streamlined purifying system; the cleanroom that fulfills the guidelines of the pharmaceutical affairs law; the safe operating zone with a constant level of temperature and humidity; and subsidiary facilities where staffs and visitors can make themselves at home. To lead in the future market, we’re producing the new-concept spinal fixation system under the excellent working environment as described above.

This product is medical device, Please see the IFU (instruction for use) before using.